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Rose Franzetti John: Stationed at I. Returned Alix: I. Convent Oct. Taught in Public School in Pembroke. Gave first teacher training course in N. Left inReturned in Director of the Christian Life Center in Religious Education Program.

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Worked with: Youth Group I. Worked in activities erection falls dick fast Council of Churches Lector at I. Parish Council. Mary Ursula: Came to I. Parish August Sacrament Coordinator Parish Visitation. Extraordinary Minister.

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Lector at I. Patricia Retired in Died in Reverend Richard O. Boner Died: 2. Reverend Dennis O'Leary Died: erection falls dick fast. Reverend Robert Barnea Died: 4. Reverend Thomas Keenan 5. Reverend Marc Gagne 6.

Reverend Donald Lafond 7. Reverend Florent Bilodeau 8. Reverend Paul Gousse 9. Reverend Peter Boucher Reverend Raymond Ball Assistant Pastors: 1. Reverend Richard Smith 2. Reverend Karl E. Dowd Died: 3. Reverend Hector Lamontagne Died: 4. Revenend George Soberick 5. Reverend Albert Boulanger Died: 6.

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Reverend Robert Goodwin 7. Reverend Edward Bracq Died: 8.

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Reverend Joseph Klatka 9. Reverend George Robichaud Died: Dowd Died: Most Rev. Denis M. Bradley Died: 2. John B. Delany Died: 3. George A. Guertin Died: 4. Peterson Died: 5. Matthew F. Brady Died: 6. Ernest J. Primeau Died: 7. Odore J. Gendron 8. Leo E. McCormack Peter A. Written on Sept.

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You furnish a house of God for Him to dwell in your midst. You forge a new unity of soul and heart in the mystical body of Christ to worship, to learn Eternal Truth, and to find comfort in the graces that sanctify you in Holy Mass and the Sacraments.

It is an enduring work for His Church shall never fail. You follow the footsteps of your glorious forebears who have sacrificed and built and whose memory and example have brightened all the long years of the history of the Church from the day the apostles went forth to shake the pillars of the world to this blessed day in the City of Concord.

It is a divine work and you devoutly confide it to the honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Mother. Go forth prayerfully, confidently and with a glad spirit of willing sacrifice. May He, who reads all hearts unerringly, behold and bless you abundantly.

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Given at Manchester this 12th day of September Brady Bishop of Manchester Message from the first pastor, Fr. Richard Erection falls dick fast. I trust this honor and happiness is shared by our parishioners in equal measure and equal joy. For most of us it represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to erect a monument to our Faith for dacă nu există erecție poate generations to come.

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Our Parish drive is sure to succeed. The zealous interest of our advisory committee members and the tangible evidence of support already manifested assures me of our ultimate objective. Your pledges will entail sacrifices—sacrifices which will bestow blessings upon each one of you for your generosity and dedicated devotion. A source of deep satisfaction to me has been the voluntary offer of support from some of our non-Catholic friends and neighbors.

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We welcome the help of all. May the inspiration of our Blessed Mother, to whom our efforts are dedicated, lead us to offer to our Lord, Jesus Christ, a proof of our persevering love in our sacrificial pledge to our Parish drive, and as patroness of our parish may She intercede with her Divine Son so we may see Him face to face and enjoy eternal happiness and salvation. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.